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Why I couldn't post a message on free talks?
The free talks is a message board, it limited to 500 charact. And it will only show the last 20 message, to let the readers to write to you, the email address is required.

How to create a web site?
1. Click on "Create a website", then input the site information, all the information is changeable, then click on add button. This will create a site frame for you.
2. Click on "Edit your website" , after you login, you can change any information of your web site, and you can click on the link on the top of your site information to see the effection of your site layout. You can change color and page style to try different layout.
3. If you feel satisfy with you site layout, then look at the pages(if you created already) at bottom of this page.
4. Click on "new" to create a new page, click on "edit" to edit an old one, click on "preview" to see the effection.
5. After you created your page, and satisfy with the display, then click on "edit". Change status to "published", then click on "update" button to publish your page. This will also add a link of this page to your web site.
6. If you want add a picture to your page, click on "add picture" button at the bottom of the previous page. Only one picture for each page.
7. Repeate 3, 4, 5, 6, you can add as more pages as you like to your web site.

How to write an article?
1. Click on "write an article", then fill out the information, then click on "add" button.
2. Click on "edit writer info". You can change your information or add a picture at this page.
3. Look at articles(if you have one) at bottom of this page.
4. Click on "new" to write a new article, click on "edit" to edit an old one, click on "preview" to see the effection.
5. If you satisfy with your article's display, click on "edit", then click on "publish" button to publish it.

How to prepare picture?
1. Scanning your picture by the lowest resolution, 72dpi or 100dpi. Because most of the computer only can show lower resolution picture, high resolution dosen't mean high performance.
2. Use a picture modify tool, like PhotoShop, to modify your picture if needed, and save your picture as "JPG" or "JPE" or "GIF" file. When you save your file, if it ask you choose a quality, choose the lowest quality. The high quality and low quality almost no different when it show on the computer, but the high quality give the bad performance on internet.

How can I seperate my paragraphs in my articles and web pages?
You can use "<p>" to seperate you paragraphs. like:
my first paragraph.
my second paragraph.

How can I make a line break?
You can use "<br>" as line break. like:
my first line.
my second line.

How can I make spaces?
Use "<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>" to make as many space as you like within it.

How can I change words color?
Use "<font color=red>your words</font>" to change your words's color to red and so on.

How can I change words size?
Use "<font size=14>your words</font>" to change your words's size to 14 and so on.

How can I upload picture?
Click on "Add your picture" button, then click on "browse" button to locate your picture, then click on "upload" button. Then it will show you upload success or error message.

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